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Frequently Asked Questions
SR Question Answer
1 Which areas are you providing the services in? Currently, we are offering our pickup and delivery services only in Magarpatta city and Amanora park town. Though, we offer our other services to all walk-in customers.
2 How can I choose the right neck pattern for the fabric I have? Neck patterns can be selected depending on your personal preferences. In case we feel, that your selected pattern will not go well with your fabric, we will call you to confirm.
3 Do you have express delivery, in case I need something urgently? If you are located in Pune we can deliver in 24 Hrs, for other cities we will take 72 Hrs, after we have received the material. But the final delivery time will be confirmed after looking at the fabric
4 How can I measure myself? Measurement Guides in the form of, Visual Aids is available on our website. You may require somebody to help you with certain bits. Please note, accurate measurements are critical for a perfect fit.
5 Can you copy a suit I already have? Yes we can replicate the suit of your choice. You can provide us an image or a sample suit. In case you are providing an image, measurements need to be provided as well along with the image.
6 Do I have to buy the dress material from you only, or can I provide my own? It is not necessary to buy the dress material from us. If you have your dress material, you can just use our tailoring service to get it stiched per your requirements. Please use this url to access the tailoring service.http://www.tailoringcorner.com/tailoring.html
7 Why must I register? We are providing an online service, where maintaining a profile is very important. Some benefits of registration:
1) Saved measurement profile, which can simplify future orders,
2) Easy update of measurement profile and contact info,
3) Quick view on status of your order,
4)Hassel free access to old orders.
8 What are the pick-up and delivery charges? It is Rs 100/- for one time pickup and delivery. In case we need to make multiple trips, it may be more.
9 Do you take orders for alterations? We do not take external alterations. We will do corrections for the dresses we have stitched, in case you are not satisfied with the fit. First correction is free of cost. If more corrections are required, it will require extra charge.
10 My measurements keep on changing, how do I update you? We help create a detailed measurement profile for you on the website. You can maintain the profile and update the measurements on your own. You can also maintain multiple measurement profiles with your registration. Please be sure to select the right profile, when you place order with us. Also, ensure that the selected measurement profile for the order has the most updated measurements.
11 Can you send somebody to take my measurements at home? If you are located in Pune and ordering for the first time, we can send our expert to explain you the process of registration, ordering & also help with measurements. For subsequent orders our visitation charges would be Rs 200/- to help process the order completely.
12 How can I track the status of my order? To track your order you need to follow the steps mentioned below:
1) Login to our website www.tailoringcorner.com with your registered user id and password,
2) Click on My Account (Top Right Hand Side),
3) Click on My Orders,
4) Click on the magnifying glass to know the status of your order. We will be changing the status depending on which stage of work your material is.
13 Can I pay in instalments? Payment cannot be made in instalments. You need to make full payment for both "Cash On Delivery" or "Online Payment".
14 While measuring, do I need to keep a margin for shrinkage? Shrinkage depends upon the fabric. Not all fabrics shrink after wash. Mainly Cottons, Wool, Linen fabrics shrink after wash. Some cotton fabrics becomes loose after wash. So you need to confirm about shrinkage from the vendor you are buying it from. Also provide us the information when you place the order for tailoring with us, you can provide it in the comments section.
15 What if the delivered dress is not fitting well? In case you are not satsfied with the fit, we will provide correction per your need. We will not make any changes in terms of the length. Please note that first correction is free of charge, subsequent corrections will be charged.
16 What If material, provided by me, is not enough for my chosen design? 1) If Length is short: It can be increased by adding additional fabric matching the material. Also we can give yoke pattern to optimize the length.
2) If Neckline is with Border or Patti: We can buy matching fabric and design the neckline as per choice.
3) Cannot get enough material for sleeves: The length of the sleeves need to be adjusted depending on the material available. We will inform you appropriately.

Please note buying of additional fabric will come at extra charge, depending upon what kind and how much fabric we need to buy.
17 Can I return the finished product, if I am not satisfied with the result? The order is processed only after final confirmation. We cannot accept any returns, since all the dresses are completlely customized.
18 Can I buy fabric from some other website and send it across to you directly for stitching? Yes, you can send your order directly to us even if you have purchased the dress material from some other website. But you still need to process your order on our website through "Tailoring Service".
19 Do you stitch western outfits or formal wear? Yes, we provide complete stitching solution for women and girls.
20 How can I give my special instructions to you? After you add your order to cart, we have provided a comments section. In the comments section you can give us all your special requirements and preferences. We will refer them at the time we are stitching your suit.
21 How is Necklines, Sleeves, Slits & Hemline finished? Necklines are finished with hemming. Sleeves, Slits & Hemline are finished with Double Stitching.
22 If required will you buy fabric for Pants, Salwar or Chudidar? We do not buy any additional fabrics for Pants, Salwar or Chudidar. We only buy fabric if required for lining or design needs.
23 What if there is Colour Bleeding problem for the fabric I have provided? We do not take any guarantee of Colour Bleeding for the fabric or lining fabric provided by the customer. In case you select to use the contrast patti from bottom on your Kurta and we feel that the colour might run, we will inform about it to you before proceeding.
24 What are your charges for Anarkali Stitching? Basic Stitching Price + Extra Stitching charges for Anarkali style. You can also refer to the design page for extra stiching details.http://www.tailoringcorner.com/designshow.html .
25 What if the suit becomes tight after first wash? In case your suit becomes tight after the first wash, extra stitching lines are provided and kept inside apart from the margin. You should be able to open the first stitch from inside, from both sides to adjust it yourselves. You can call us or do a live chat with our staff for help on how to do it.
26 How do I calculate the exact stitching charges? The extra stitching charges are mentioned on our website under each catalogue type and the design. Calculation would be as follows:Basic Stitching (As per Rate Card) + Extra Stitching Charge (As mentioned under respective designs).